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For every 1 invested in the TAP scheme, 40 comes back to the country in taxable revenue. Since 2013, the scheme value across all industries has shrunk from 20m to an estimated 6m in 2019. As our country prepares to leave the EU, our largest trading partner by far, we should be doing more, not less, to support our exporters to reach new markets. Uniquely, government has control over the funding needed to make a success our our country's export strategy.

Whilst the TAP scheme survives, and the Sponsors' Alliance enjoys good relations with DIT, direct export support to companies is chronically underfunded and schemes like TAP are becoming increasingly bureaucratic.

The Sponsors' Alliance believes a funded Tradeshow Access Programme, that compares with that of our EU competitors and as part of a broader export support offer, will significantly help SMEs to secure export business.





Manifesto 2019 - Getting the right deal for UK exporters

The Sponsors' Alliance is preparing its 2019 manifesto.

In particular, we shall be asking whether the Department for International Trade's export and investment services are fit for purpose and sufficiently resourced? We shall be suggesting a whole raft of measures to help SME companies to export or develop in new markets. We shall also be urging Government to review the real effectiveness of GREAT campaign internationally.

The Sponsors' Alliance continues to campaign for nationally run and well thought-out schemes to give companies support where it is most needed. With this in mind, we expect to question the logic of DIT's new insistence that 75% of all TAP grant funding should be channeled to companies with a turnover between 83k and 5m. Surely we should be targeting all SME companies?

While our European and International competitors benefit from support far in excess of their British counterparts, we ask, is our government helping or hindering exporters?

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The more we lobby MPs, the more notice they will take.
Ask the questions we have put (or some of your own).

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